My LinkedIn or email at and I will respond within 24 hours!

To build the prototype or full game, I use the following software below:

Unity Photoshop CS6 Premiere Pro CC Audacity Git

I like remaking classical games in Unity and modifying them so the games are educational, endless and competing to get the highest score. I try to put the “fun” first – captivating players with engaging gamplay and mechanics – then education second. The players will then be incentivised to beat their own high score and will learn the educational content in the game through replayability.

My Unity Knowledge ([Year] is the first instance I learnt how to use the following.)

  • [2018] Prefabs
  • [2018] Coroutine, IEnumerator
  • [2018] Animator, Finite State Machine
  • [2018] Scriptable Objects
  • [2019] Inheritance, Polymorphism
  • [2019] Releasing on different platforms – PC, WebGL, Android
  • [2020] Split Camera
  • [2020] User Interface scaling and anchoring to any resolution