I enjoy remaking classical games in Unity and modifying them so the games are educational, endless and competing to get the highest score. I try to put the “fun” first – captivating players with engaging gamplay and mechanics – then education second. The players will then be incentivised to beat their own high score and will learn the educational content in the game through replayability.

To build the prototype or full game, I use the following software below:

Unity Photoshop CS6 Premiere Pro CC Audacity Git

My Unity Knowledge ([Year] is the first instance I learnt how to use the following.)

  • [2018] Prefabs
  • [2018] Coroutine, IEnumerator
  • [2018] Animator, Finite State Machine
  • [2018] Scriptable Objects
  • [2019] Inheritance, Polymorphism
  • [2019] Releasing on different platforms – PC, WebGL, Android
  • [2020]