As a Games Designer, I am responsible for the concept and creation of a game.
To begin the process, I write a game design document – which will state every level, action, ability or mechanic that will be created to theorize a similar yet new experience.

I enjoy remaking classical games in Unity and modifying them so the games are educational, endless and competing to get the highest score. I try to put the “fun” first – captivating players with engaging gamplay and mechanics – then education second. The players will then be incentivised to beat their own high score and will learn the educational content in the game through replayability.

To build the prototype or full game, I use the following software below:

My main software is Unity2D with C# scripting, developing for PC and Android.
I can also develop in Unity3D, and happy to learn new software like AirConsole, Virtual or Augmented Reality.
Adobe Photoshop I am comfortable with image manipulation and editing using free or paid sprites.
The creator will be credited.
Adobe Premiere My video-editing tool for cutting, splicing, and transitioning.
Audacity For some audio-editing if necessary.
Version Control Git, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, with backups on Google Drive, OneDrive and locally.
Web Development If a HTML5 game or website is requested, I use Phaser (an open source HTML5 framework), JavaScript, Bootstrap or WordPress.
Other Unreal Engine, GameMaker Studio, Android Studio, Blender.