As a Games Designer, I am responsible for the concept and creation of a game. A design document is written to state every level, action, ability or mechanic that will be created to theorize a similar yet new experience.

To build the prototype or full game, I use the following software below:

My main software is Unity2D with C# scripting, developing for PC and Android.
I can also develop in Unity3D, and happy to learn new software like AirConsole, Virtual or Augmented Reality.
Adobe Photoshop I am comfortable with image manipulation and editing using free or paid sprites.
The creator will be credited.
Adobe Premiere My video-editing tool for cutting, splicing, and transitioning.
Audacity For some audio-editing if necessary.
Version Control Git, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, with backups on Google Drive, OneDrive and locally.
Web Development If a HTML5 game or website is requested, I use Phaser (an open source HTML5 framework), JavaScript, Bootstrap or WordPress.
Other Unreal Engine, GameMaker Studio, Android Studio, Blender.