Game Jams

By | 21st May 2018

The game jams I have been to, and what was created:

Made in 2015, 1st Year, Bonds is an animatic showing the history of how people communicated with each other; and by making humanity more connected, we also made ourselves more isolated.

Project on GitHub

Made in 2015, 1st Year, Native Pixel Wars was a small card game made out of card and paper. Our group won the award for “Best Innovation”.

Project on GitHub

Made in 2015, 1st Year, Splat is a game where you are falling from a plane and you try to control yourself to grab the parachute. The indicator points to where parachute is, your goal is to not be hit by falling objects – as they can rip off your limbs – and grab the parachute to land safely.

Play on Itch
Code on GitHub

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